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      Hilary, stepping back to keep her in sight, was suddenly aware of the family coachman close at his side. Together they moved warily a few steps farther.Till she sighs--then sadness is my only treasure.

      The two men grasped and wrung hands, and Norman looked at his cousin with all the old admiration and devotion;[159] and Traffords grave face lighted up with pleased surprise and affection.No, he must not know, said Trafford in a low voice.

      Upon that he raised the flag high in one hand, let it balloon to the wind, made a sign of refusal, and all at once poured out a flood of speech--pledges to Anna and her fellow-needlewomen--charges to his men--hopes for the cherished cause--words so natural and unadorned, so practical and soldier-like, and yet so swift, that not a breath was drawn till he had ended. But then what a shout!And you must call me Trafford, he said.

      I have now to speak of the money you brought me. It shall be returned to you. You refused it the nightthe night of our marriage; you can not do so now. It shall be transferred back to you, and without the knowledge of the world. To-morrow I leave Belfayre and England; it is not probable that I shall ever return. For me, life is over. I shall never see your face again. His voice broke at the words, but he mastered it again quickly; he did not see the shudder, the tremor, that shook her as she heard them. If there is any question you wish to ask me, he went on in so hoarse and low a voice that she could scarcely hear it, write to me before I go, and I will answer it. I desire to make every arrangement that will tend to render your future an assured one. God knows I have no desire to punish you! As I said, there has been wrong on both sides; I have acknowledged it. You will deem it but a hollow mockery, but I wish you happiness in the future, forgetfulness of the past.And no wonder, retorted her husband, with a yawn. Shes the most beautiful young woman I have ever seen, present company excepted, my dear, and his marriage has pulled Belfayre out of the mire and set it on its legs again. Devoted! I should think so! He has reason, as the French say.

      You will waste your time, said Varley. She is not there.The gate is lower down, he said; but Esmeralda laughed, and with a cool Can she jump? put the mare at the fence.

      Yes; it is to no purpose, I know, she said, bitterly. You are married now. You have married this girl for her money; she has slipped into my place, and it is all overall over and done with, and I must live out my life as best I can. But you will not forget me, Trafford. Promise me thatpromise me. It is not too much to ask, seeing that Her voice broke and her head drooped upon his shoulder.

      Have you been down to Belfayre lately, Traff? he asked.


      Do you think mine prettier than Lady Adas? said Esmeralda; and then she blushed with shame at her question. What had come to her?And ah! see yonder young cannoneer half-way between these two balconies and the statue beyond; that foppish boy with his hair in a hundred curls and his eyes wild with wayward ardor! "Ah, Charlie Valcour!" thinks Anna; "oh, your poor sister!" while the eyes of Victorine take him in secretly and her voice is still for a whole minute. Hark! From the head of the column is wafted back a bugle-note, and everything stands.