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      Oh! he has half a dozen; but we always call him Trafford, because hes the Marquis of Trafford.[167]

      She looked at him with surprise.The womans hand closed over hers and her lips moved.

      As she passed along the corridor she paused at the door of the dukes room and for a moment the unnatural calmness of her face wavered and broke up, as it were.Varleys revolverand not only Varleyscovered him. He drew back slightly.

      It is early, my lord; but the boy who brought it said it had come as soon as the office was open.Cant this be settled? he asked.

      Get me the book of Chopin, will you? asked Lady Ada.

      [22]Varley gave the slightest of nods, and Taffy leaned against a chair and sighed with maudlin tenderness.




      Only for a moment did her eyes meet his, but something passed from them to his very heartsomething that made him utter a short, sharp cry. His arm tightened around her, and he drew her up to him and pressed her to him in a grasp that was steel and velvet combined. She made no effort to free herself, but hid her face upon his breast and lay there pantingand satisfied.