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      One Sunday, three days after the going of the Zouaves, while out in Jackson Square "Roaring Betsy" sang a solo of harrowing thunder-claps, the Callenders and Valcours, under the cathedral's roof, saw consecrated in its sacred nave the splendid standard of the Chasseurs--Pied.Varley started suddenly, as if awakening from the paralysis of anguish.

      Why not? she said, pleasantly. Theres no harm in talking, surely, and I shall not say anything that I mind their hearing. Do you know how long I am to be kept here?

      He noticed the novel impatience in her manner. They went on to the terrace and along the winding path through the lawn. They were silent for a little while. Norman was troubled by something that he thought he ought to say, and wondering whether, after all, he had better not leave it unsaid. At last he said, speaking in a low and embarrassed manner:And you have been away, on the Continent? he asked.

      And Varley, as he watched her, would set his teeth hard and want to cry aloud, too, but with a very different feeling. His heart overran with hate for the man who had taken this beautiful[288] child-woman and broken her heart. Once, as they thus rode, he said to her:

      There was a long pause. Though she scarcely realized[121] that he had not spoken one word of his own love for her, she felt, in the innocence of her heart, that there was something wanting. He had asked her to be his wife. He had told her that his great people would welcome her and love her; but he had not knelt at her feet, and told her that he loved her, and implored her to love him, as Norman Druce had done. At that moment the scene by the river in the moonlight at Three Star rose before her. She was silent so long that Trafford grew almost anxious. Was she going to say Nothis waif of the wilds? He stretched out his hand, and laid it pleadingly on her arm.



      Esmeralda stood quite still, thinking.